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Residential Property Management Services:

property management

Huston Associates Real Estate Inc offers two specific types of property management.

1) TENANT PLACEMENT SERVICE: Our office will co-ordinate with your vendors for repairs. Your property will need to be vacant and ready to rent when we start marketing & advertising your property. We will respond to inquiries with specific instructions on showing the property, along with providing our criteria, qualifications, and an application. We will schedule appointments, show, and process the applications (credit, criminal, eviction search & references) rejecting applicants or accepting them based upon our criteria. We will collect the deposit and execute the rental agreement, collecting the rent due.  Pictures are shared and sent via an email link. Tenant will then take possession and your account will be closed and you will then be managing your property.  Your package will contain their applications, rental agreement, and your proceeds check.  Our office charges $995 for our Tenant Placement Service.

2) PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Our most comprehensive & sought-after service provided for our clients.

Expand each section for detailed information.

We will Advise & Consult with you on the market rent for your property and make recommendations when necessary regarding any work needing to be done prior to marketing.

When your property is vacant and ready to rent, our office will market and advertise your property on our website which is syndicated to various rental websites such as Yahoo Classifieds, and other similar rental property websites. We also syndicate & pay for inclusion in the Zillow Rentals Network which also includes Trulia & Hotpads. We will respond to inquiries with specific instructions on showing the property, along with providing our criteria, qualifications, and an application. We will schedule appointments and show the property. Potential residents are required to complete a written application, pay processing fees, provide written verification of income, and grant permission to contact prior residences for references. Application(s) are processed by obtaining Credit reports, along with searching the public records for unlawful detainer actions and criminal records.

Typically, it takes 7-45 days to rent a property to a fully qualified tenant depending upon market conditions.  If two or more separate applicant(s) are being considered at the same time, the most qualified applicant(s) will be selected based upon our criteria. 

If applicants meet the qualifications and are approved, we collect the deposit within 24 hours. Advertising is then cancelled. We prepare the contracts, addendums, and disclosures for their signatures. Tenants move into the property within two weeks or less unless other arrangements are made in advance.

If applicants are rejected, we send the required notice along with a copy of their credit report.

Interior and exterior photographs are taken showing the condition of the property just prior to resident's move-in, with an email link sent to the new resident & property owner as well.

Rents are due on the 1st of each month, payable by the 5th at our office location.  Residents pay by money-order/cashier’s check or using our FREE ACH service with rents withdrawn from their accounts.  Late Fees are posted to delinquent accounts on the 7th of each month (and reviewed & waivable by management).  Clients are required to keep a $500 "reserve" in their account at our office.

Interior inspections are performed on a periodic basis and is a provision in the rental agreement.  When inspections are performed a report with recommendations will be sent to you.

We provide instructions to the residents when a notice to vacate is initiated or received.

After residents vacate, we will report to you and coordinate with you any necessary work. We will prepare and send the Deposit Disposition Report to the former residents & send you a copy.

In those rare instances when rent is not paid, or they fail to vacate; there is no other recourse other than filing an Unlawful Detainer action. We will coordinate the entire process: serve the initial notices to start the process, hire an attorney on your behalf to file the necessary court documents, appear at the hearing if necessary, and retake possession of the property when the sheriff performs the lock-out.

Our reports are easy to read and understand. We have an online “cloud-based” accounting software program with an owner portal for the review of your financial reports, rental agreements and other related documents whenever you have an internet connection. When available, your proceeds are deposited on or before the 15th of each month into your bank account that you designate (via ACH).

Work orders are generated thru the online portal from the resident, or when a written service call is received.  Work orders are viewable in your owner portal. You can either have our office respond and have our vendors perform the service, or you can direct us to send all workorders to you directly for the service requested.

We have developed excellent relationships over the years with our vendors & licensed contractors that appreciate our business--and give us a great response time & also "commercial" rates which SAVES YOU MONEY. We provide the actual invoice they present as a scanned pdf file attached to the ledger entry in your online report.  We could not do what we do without them. There are no "hidden fee's or additional charges" added.  In the management contract you authorize us to contract for work up to $500 per occurrence.  We also highly recommend that as a rental property owner you have your own financial resources and reserves to be able to be prepared for the costs and replacement of (for example) a new roof & gutters, sewer lines or septic system replacement, central HVAC system, hot water tank, concrete driveways and pathways, and or electric service panels.  

The term of our management agreement is NOT related to any lease term or month to month agreement being offered to residents.

There are TWO OPTIONS we offer to our clients:

  1. With an initial annual contract, our fee is 8% of the gross rents collected monthly, renewing monthly thereafter.  We do collect 8% of late fees, tenant charges, uncollected rents, voucher incentive bonus, etc.
  2. Without an annual contract: our fee has an initial $995 set up charge per account, thereafter 8% of gross rents collected monthly.   We do collect 8% of late fees, tenant charges, uncollected rents, voucher incentive bonus, etc.

If your property is currently occupied, we will need a copy of the rental agreement, along with the residents contact information.  If your property is located within a Homeowner's Association, we will also need the CC&R's, along with the HOA documents and "House Rules & Registration forms" required by the HOA.

Contact me directly to discuss any questions you have regarding our services and the management of your property. References are available upon request.

Some Further Comments

Our management fees are competitive, and we certainly are not the most expensive in the area. On the other hand, we charge a fair fee for tremendous service. We do not charge extra for the online portal, serving notices, or making your ACH deposit to your bank. We do have a local office open Monday-Friday, appointments for our rental property clients on the weekend when necessary. I also review any voicemail messages left on my cellphone during reasonable hours.

Keep Rockin!

Norbert G. Huston, Broker/Realtor | Huston Associates Real Estate Inc (DRE#01059682) | 3138 Pacific Ave, Stockton CA 95204 | Office: 209-464-9441 | Cell: 209-992-1301

Why Choose Huston Associates Real Estate?

We know the latest laws & techniques.

We use the best property management software.

We provide you with an owner portal to view property stats.

We provide tenants the ability to auto-draft or pay online.

We know how to market your property.

We know how to pick and screen good tenants.


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