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Residential Property Management Services:

property management

Huston Associates Real Estate Inc offers two specific types of property management.

1) TENANT PLACEMENT SERVICE: Our office will co-ordinate with your vendors for repairs. Your property will need to be vacant and ready to rent when we start marketing & advertising your property. We will respond to inquiries with specific instructions on showing the property, along with providing our criteria, qualifications, and an application. We will schedule appointments, show, and process the applications (credit, criminal, eviction search & references) rejecting applicants or accepting them based upon our criteria. We will collect the deposit and execute the rental agreement, collecting the rent due.  Pictures are shared and sent via an email link. Tenant will then take possession and your account will be closed and you will then be managing your property.  Your package will contain their applications, rental agreement, and your proceeds check.  Our office charges $995 for our Tenant Placement Service.

2) PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Our most comprehensive & sought-after service provided for our clients.

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Why Choose Huston Associates Real Estate?

We know the latest laws & techniques.

We use the best property management software.

We provide you with an owner portal to view property stats.

We provide tenants the ability to auto-draft or pay online.

We know how to market your property.

We know how to pick and screen good tenants.


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