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Our office is one of the most respected property management companies in San Joaquin County. We specialize in the management of residential rental property. As a Realtor and also a current member of the Nor Cal Rental Property Association, we abide by a "code of ethics," and standards of practice, recommeded best practices within the industry; along with using all the necessary contract forms, addendums, and disclosures to comply with regulations. We do not maintain nor "self-own" property. With over 185 units owned by different clients, we pay attention to the details, the day to day work and stay accessible to our clients. Yes, we rely on our software and the relationships we have within the industry. References are available upon request.

Huston Associates Real Estate Inc is individually owned by Norbert G. Huston who is the California Real Estate Corporate & Licensed Broker. In addition to his current memberships in professional trade associations, he is the past president of the Nor Cal Rental Property Association (representing rental property owners and management companies in 11 California counties) which is affiliated with the California Rental Housing Association & the National Apartment Association. He is the former past president of the Board of Directors for the San Joaquin County Fair Housing office. Norbert Huston was honored as Stockton's "1996-1997 Realtor/Broker of the Year."

Bernice Huston was the first woman in San Joaquin County that earned her Broker license; where she established her own business in 1963. In the early days, Norbert Huston was answering phones, taking messages, doing clerical work for the business. When Norbert Huston became licensed, he worked within the office for two years attaining his brokers license. At that time, Norbert Huston was put in charge of the property management division, growing and expanding it to its "present day" level of management services. A lot has changed since then, but the core values remain the same: Being accessible, advocating and protecting the rights & responsibilities of rental property ownership.

Norbert & Mary Huston

Norbert G. Huston, Broker/Realtor

Even though I'm "on call," my passions outside of the office is attending live concerts, renaissance fairs & movies. Being a former disc jockey back in the days of cue scratches and cart machines, I have a classic rock collection of over 10K files. I watch everything from Marvel Studios, Star Trek, along with "May the force be with you." Great Food (Pizza & black coffee) is my weakness. I also enjoy traveling to new adventures which refreshes my spirit. Every day is a blessing in my career; impacting lives.

Sandra Unger

Sandra Unger, Receptionist

Hello, I’m Sandra!  In 2014 I was asked to be the receptionist at Huston Associates Real Estate.  I have known Norbert Huston for over 30 years.  I am a native Stocktonian.  In my spare time, I enjoy drawing & painting; am also a “crafter” & avid crocheter.  I also love reading paranormal romance books.  My greatest joy in life is spending time with my husband, daughter and her family.  My grandchildren are truly “the light of my life!”


Speckles (deceased)

Hello, my name is "Speckles." I have been a member of the family since 2008. I share residency at the office and Norbert's home. I enjoy greeting humans when they come into the office. I love afternoon naps in the sun on my cat tree, and watching the traffic on Pacific Avenue go by.

Meet some of our support team, without whom we couldn't do what we do for our clients & residents!

team member

Roger Ramsower
Best Plumbing

team member

John Hayes
Painting Contractor

team member

Mark Jordan
Barney Jordan Plumbing

team member

Ben Manship
KHB Flooring

team member

Van Sayasing
Home Appliance Services

team member

Alicia & Josh McDonald
Landscaping Contractor

Keep Safe & Rockin!

Norbert G. Huston, Broker/Realtor

Huston Associates Real Estate Inc  DRE#01059682
Residential Property Management Services since 1963

3138 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-1pm; 2-6pm (excluding holidays)
Office: 209-464-9441 Cell/Text: 209-992-1301

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houston associates real estate inc
houston associates real estate inc
houston associates real estate inc
houston associates real estate inc
houston associates real estate inc
houston associates real estate inc
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