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137 E. Harding Way #G, Stockton, Stockton, CA


Thank you for your interest in this property. Our staff has always believed that you should view the inside of the property PRIOR to paying an application fee. It's current status, qualifications & criteria, along with an application and SHOWING instructions will be EMAILED to you when you REPLY within this ad using any of the methods (email, request showing or an application) indicating your interest. Review ALL the material including the attachments in the email. Calls to our office of a general nature will not be returned. Our office considers all vouchers on a case-by-case basis. We also offer our future tenants a mobile friendly TENANT PORTAL for rent & utility payments, along with other enhanced features.
137 E. Harding Way #G, Stockton, CA 95204
7 unit Apartment Building on E. Harding at N.El Dorado:
Upstairs TWO Bedroom with new laminate flooring, Updated Kitchen cabinets, Gas Range/oven & Refrigerator, Mini-blinds. Shower over Tub in Bathroom. Ceiling Fans. Wall A/C unit, Wall Heater. Off Street parking (entrance on Sperry Ave). Water, sewer, and garbage service paid for by owner. 12 month lease. Renters insurance required. No pet allowed. $1495.00 Rent per month, $1500 Security Deposit.
Huston Associates Real Estate, Inc: DRE#01059682
3138 Pacific Avenue, Stockton CA 95204 (2 0 9) 4 6 4 - 9 4 4 1 Monday-Friday 10am-1pm; 2-6pm
Norbert G. Huston; Broker/Realtor--Website: EMAIL:
Specializing in Residential Property Management Services in San Joaquin County since 1963

Lease Terms

12 Month lease



Rental Features

  • Gas Range/oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Off-street parking
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