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September 1, 2021 by NORBERT HUSTON

Norbert Huston of Huston Associates Real Estate is excited to share with residential rental property owners a FREE resource that compiles rental information and monthly rents in a concise report for a specific property.

Rentometer uses proprietary technology and data to provide a thorough rent comparison analysis in seconds. With Rentometer, the market rate no longer has to be a mystery. By analyzing recent rental listings in the surrounding neighborhood, Rentometer can calculate rent prices based on location and apartment size, and provide a market rate estimate.

This new resource is located within the “Services” page of our website where we describe in detail our residential property management services for rental property owners. Thank you for using our new resource at

Huston Associates Real Estate is pleased to announce our new relationship with our local website service provider who has a really unique and local story which I share below:


It all began on January 11, 2012, when Eric Vaughn finished his first website for Century Christian School in Lodi, CA. He built the site because the school was having a tough time finding a local web developer that would maintain the website at a reasonable price. His good friend and Vice Principal of the school asked him to build a website for CCS. Eric had never built a website, but had just completed building an iPhone App for the construction industry. 

He agreed and started building the site in the winter of 2011. When he finished the site, people around Lodi, said he should go into business building websites. Eric just shook his head in disbelief. After all, he was a sales manager in the construction industry and spent the last 15 years in this industry. He simply had an idea for an iPhone App and learned enough HTML to build a website.

Chris Finch kept asking Eric what the name of his business was. Eric kept telling Chris he didn't have a company and wasn't planning on ever doing this again. Chris said "you don't know the plans that God has for you". So, Eric reluctantly said the name of his company is Red Truck Studios. The name was in reference to his 1963 VW Crewcab that he had just sold in order to continue paying our mortgage. The crash in 2007 hit pretty hard and the construction industry wasn't turning around. Eric eventually changed the name to Red Truck Designs and created the logo and tagline "go out and surf the web…” The surfing theme went very well with VW Buses and was a play on words for surfing the web. 

By 2017, Eric purchased a 1960 VW Bus and began the restoration. As he laid out the details for the bus, the subject of the color came up. He decided to paint the bus Dove Blue (original color) and it would have been a silly name to have Red Truck Designs on a blue bus. So, January 2018, Eric changed the name to One Eleven Web Design to pay a little honor to January 11, 2012 when he built that first website. 

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